What people are saying about Nigel Booth and Beyond the Mask.

Beyond the Mask has given me a future, I was feeling like I didn’t have one at all, but now that’s all changed after working with Nigel – Thanks for everything.

Callum Burnham


Since I’ve been working with Nigel I have changed my whole life perspectives. I learnd to enjoy life again by exploring  everything around me. Nigel got the best out of me and tought me to be myself and not hide behind a mask.
Steven Palmer

St Gallen, Switzerland

I would compare Nigel to that famous energy drink that gives you wings, after just 10 minutes he literally has you buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm. Thank you buddy for all the support.

Kenny Ball

Glasgow, Scotland

Nigel is the guy I go to when I want to explore what it’s like to be truly me. There is no point in trying to be a “better version” of someone you are not
Andy Ferguson

Linlithgow, Scotland

When I first met Nigel he inspired me to want to do more with my life. He had a phenomenon effect on how I saw myself and the self-limiting beliefs that I had, I soon realised that I could do anything that I wanted to do.


Northampton, England

Nigel has fantastic interpersonal and psychotherapeutic skills. With me Nigel had to take a very open minded and sensitive approach when dealing with my concern as I was very sceptical. How wrong did he prove me.
Ashley Bradshaw

Northampton, England

Thoughts become things, so choose the best ones.