Supporting Children Through to Adulthood

The reality

Supporting a young person going from being a child to an adult is a journey that sometimes can be very challenging to say the least. Being in the parental role during these times can find you in a constant state of disagreement and in some cases, a complete breakdown in communication all together.

The length of time this journey can take varies and all situations have their own unique set of circumstances which also has an impact. The intensity of this journey also varies from having a stroppy teenager right through to losing all parental control leaving you feeling completely lost and no idea of what to do next.

So what’s going on

Throughout our lives we all go through many different types of change from being a toddler to a child, from a child to an adult, going to University, getting your first job, getting married, getting divorced, becoming a parent, going through the notorious mid-life crisis and becoming retired are just a few of the changes we all face.

Going from a child to an adult carries a similar impact as the mid-life crises. Put very simply, things that used to be enjoyable, entertaining and filled our needs no longer appear to be enjoyable, entertaining and fulfilling.

How does Beyond the Mask help

Question:  Who are you really?  What do you really want to do?

I know it sounds pretty obvious but there are those times throughout all of our lives and for a variety of reasons, those two questions appear almost impossible to answer with any degree of certainty. Going through adolescence is definitely one of those times and the way it is approached can have a huge impact on the length of time and the intensity it can reach.

Beyond the Mask is an opportunity for young people to really identify who they are and what they really want to do in a positive and structured process. We all go through this change from a child to an adult and for some, it is a breeze and they find themselves living an amazing time exploring an exciting life as they venture into adulthood. For some however, they find it almost impossible to express themselves in a manner that is beneficial to them and in some cases beneficial to anyone else. They find themselves living a somewhat miserable life. It is also very common for young people in the latter case to also find themselves feeling quite frustrated, angry and misunderstood and getting involved with activities that are attracting negative outcomes for them. Beyond the Mask has been helping young people to identify who they are and what they want to do for over 30 years and the results are quite remarkable.

Beyond the Mask works with the ethos that the actions we take have a huge factor on the level of happiness and success we achieve in life. The actions we all take are dictated by the way we think and feel and during those times that we go through changes within our lives like adolescent and the famous Mid-life crises, we all know that the way we think is not always to our advantage.

Question:  If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you set out to do?

This question is asked at the beginning of the programme to all young people and begins the process of exploring potential. They learn how to make better informed decisions about the kind of person they really want to be and embark on doing things that they really want to do.

Beyond the Mask unlocks the full potential of everyone, from any background, in any situation. There’s no emotional reflecting on the past, no intellectualising and no jargon. It’s a grounded, practical approach that’s exceptionally powerful and will create a deep, lasting shift in outlooks and behaviour.

It’s already within them

They will not be judged or told what to think, what to say or what to do. They already have the answers – they will just be guided in asking the right questions. Together we will look at what they are doing now, how they are limiting themselves, what they want to do and who they want to be and how they can make this happen.

A tangible process to use forever 

During the first session, everyone will be introduced to the Beyond the Mask process and throughout the programme, we will work through the following six modules:

  • Mind – how our minds work
  • Identity – seeing who you are
  • Visioning – looking ahead
  • Change – changing habits and attitudes
  • Action – making it happen
  • Focus – getting focused

They will be empowered to make the changes they want to make using a process they can continue to utilize for the rest of their life in a positive and healthy manner.

By the end of the programme, not only will they feel liberated, confident of who they are and excited about the next stage of their life; they will also have a process to manage their thoughts and feelings which combined together ensures that the actions they take will enable them to engage in a manner that is beneficial to not just themselves, but with everyone around them.

What people say about Beyond the Mask.

I’m a changed person in just six weeks. I have halved my medication, lost weight and changed my outlook on life. I am now attending  part-time college courses and most importantly I am at last, feeling alive and happy.


Some three years on and I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been. I employ the techniques taught during the sessions on a daily basis to make positive decisions within my working and personal life.


Thank you Nigel for helping me to find myself again. I can honestly say I’m happy and have a fantastic future ahead of me.


Completing the Beyond the Mask program has enabled me to reassess where I am, where I am going and to genuinely focus on what matters to me as an individual. As a result, I have made some significant changes in the way I approach life.


Beyond the Mask was the kick-start I needed. I realised how much more fulfilling my life can be. The tools and insights have been and will continue to be invaluable to me in the years ahead.


Opportunities are available to embark on this programme in our premises ‘The Blueprint Rooms” which is located in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire or there is the availability of delivering sessions via Skype or by telephone. Home visits can also be arranged.

When enough is enough…





The way you manage your life is really important and Nigel is working on a one to one basis with clients who are looking to find that consistent state of happiness.

Nigel has helped thousands of people to go Beyond the Mask and use what they already have to create a perfect life.

So, If you wish to discuss Beyond the Mask or clarification around what your needs are, then book a complimentary Discovery Call where Nigel can explore your aspirations and get you to where you want to be.