Why do people go Beyond the Mask with one to one sessions?

Beyond the Mask is a mindfulness based cognitive change programme that enables people to live an amazing life doing what they love.

How often do you really get the chance to discuss you and your life? How you make decisions, what to do next, what you are feeling and thinking, I find most people have very few or no opportunities to discuss this in a positive and constructive manner with anyone, even themselves.

It is quite understandable to be fair, life is busy with so much to fit into so little time, deadlines appear on the horizon from both a personal and professional position and the ‘To Do’ list just keeps getting longer. Before you know it you have successfully become one of those  ‘Life-jugglers’ who somehow manages to keep everything going and all too often have very little time for themselves. What most jugglers tell me is  they have ‘No’ time for themselves.

I think it’s fair to say that going through any form of ‘Change’ in life is difficult for some people and this combined with attaining the grand title of ‘Life Juggler’, there is no surprise that the sense of overwhelming doom is what most people feel in these situations. During these times, as a minimum, you need time to think but the moment you stop to think…… everything just seems to drop and you feel you must pick them back up and carry on juggling.

Book a FREE one to one discovery call with Nigel Booth.

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Book a FREE one to one discovery call with Nigel Booth.

Fill in the form below
or call direct on

07733 105554

Why One to One?

People who decide to do One to One sessions are generally those people who are serious about how they want to experience life and how they feel about life. Taking time out to discuss ‘YOU’ in a confidential environment is so refreshing. You are not told what to think, what to say or what to do, this is your responsibility but together with Nigel, you will take the time to look at what you have done, what you are doing and what you would like to do in the future.

Beyond the Mask one to one sessions will teach you how to make the best-informed decisions that are conducive to the person you are wanting to be. Following a tried, tested and tangible process you will identify and achieve the highest level of happiness you could imagine. You will learn how your Thoughts and Emotions dictate your Actions and how to eradicate self-limiting beliefs that release your authenticity and natural successes.

Embarking on the Beyond the Mask one to one programme is the first step of a journey that will explore all the things you have thought about doing and for lots of reasons, not done as yet. You will learn how to go from being a Life-juggler to being a Life-sniper, identifying your target and hitting the bulls eye. There are many steps that you will take throughout your life and having the confidence to make informed decisions on which steps to take and not to take is invaluable when you have a determination and drive to be the very best you can be and live life to the highest level you can.

What people are saying about Nigel’s one to one sessions!

Since I’ve been working with Nigel I have changed my whole life perspectives. I learnd to enjoy life again by exploring  everything around me. Nigel got the best out of me and tought me to be myself and not hide behind a mask.
Steven Palmer

St Gallen, Switzerland

Beyond the Mask has given me a future, I was feeling like I didn’t have one at all, but now that’s all changed after working with Nigel – Thanks for everything.

Callum Burnham


When I first met Nigel he inspired me to want to do more with my life. He had a phenomenon effect on how I saw myself and the self-limiting beliefs that I had, I soon realised that I could do anything that I wanted to do.


Northampton, England

Nigel is the guy I go to when I want to explore what it’s like to be truly me. There is no point in trying to be a “better version” of someone you are not
Andy Ferguson

Linlithgow, Scotland

It’s not what you think, It’s not what you say, It’s what YOU DO that defines you.

The next step for you.

The next step is yours to take and if you decide to embark on the Beyond the Mask programme, I can guarantee it will be a step made on solid foundations.

Fill in the form below or call  07733 105554 to arrange a FREE 15 minute discovery call with Nigel, who will answer all your questions and then let you decide if the programme is right for you. One to one sessions can be delivered face to face either at The Blueprint Rooms Northamptonshire and Newcastle under Lyme or via Internet / Skype / Telephone (Whatever suits you best.)


Join the people who have gone Beyond the Mask and now live an amazing life doing what they love.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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