Who is Nigel Booth?

My amazing mum gave birth to me on the 10th January 1964 in Stoke on Trent right in the middle of England from where I embarked on this journey through life. I had a little bit of a wobbly start to say the least which started with my father disappearing off the scene before I was born.

I had a few experiences that tainted my thoughts of who I was and what my world was like. I always knew I was different, for example I knew I couldn’t read and write like my buddies and had this confirmed by my teacher Mr Machin with his profound statement ‘Booth you’re thick’. I got involved with gang culture that was prevalent growing up on an estate where most of the dads worked underground in the coal mines and mums were juggling work as well as looking after the kids and homes. I very quickly found myself engaging with activities that had huge negative impact on my life and by the time I was 18 years old, I found myself in another hospital after my third motor cycle accident and been told the likeliness of me walking again was very unlikely.

I have to say this really was the turning point for me. It was such a shock to hear those words that it was unlikely for me to walk again I remember laughing and saying ‘Don’t be daft.”

I never really believed Mr Dove, the orthopedic surgeon who had explained his findings on the condition. Don’t get me wrong he was a great guy who eventually a few years later rebuilt the base of my spine with what looks like a huge paperclip and eventually got me back on my feet, literally. But at the time he explained his prognosis there was something inside of me that just didn’t resonate with his findings. I remember holding on to his words ‘its unlikely’ which translated to me it was not definite. I then spent approximately two and a half years not been able to walk unaided or in a wheelchair a lot of the time and to top this off, I was homeless and living in a hostel. In1984 I underwent surgery and amazingly within nine days I was able to stand up
without having anyone hold me up and my legs appeared to be doing what I wanted them to do. This was a brand new chapter for me and have very fond memories of the adventures I had building my strength and confidence back up. After a period of time and some great support, I managed to secure my own place to call home and life took a definite turn for the good.

Being unskilled and no idea what I wanted to do with my life I started to volunteer with a charity that worked on the street supporting young people. They were all in similar situations to myself when I was only slightly younger than most of those they were supporting. Over the next few years I began to realise that I had an ability to have a straight forward conversation with people and without telling them what to say or think or do but help them find the right informed choices for them.

I also began to think about my education, or the lack of it to be more precise and enrolled on a course at the local college to better my chances of getting a better paid job, and it worked. Over the next few years and with experience of working for a number of different organisations, I was back in a homeless hostel,  but this time it was different. I had been offered the opportunity to manage a hostel for homeless people. I couldn’t believe it; I really had found myself in the perfect job with perfect credentials and a passion that instantly saw all the possibilities.

I continued to challenge myself both within my learning as well as within my career and eventually the concept to support people going through changes within life on a wider aspect opened to a new business venture, Beyond the Mask came to life.

My very first course was a two day training program teaching effective communication to a group of volunteers who were working in a community that was supporting their local young people. From there Beyond the Mask embarked on its own journey working with a diverse range of people, organisations, business, education, police, housing, healthcare and supporting people on a one to one basis.

On the 29th October 2013 another brand new chapter quite abruptly presented itself.

Nigel Booth's Mum

Nigel's mum aged 16 on the right.

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The way you manage your life is really important and Nigel is working on a one to one basis with clients who are looking to find that consistent state of happiness.

Nigel has helped thousands of people to go Beyond the Mask and use what they already have to create a perfect life.

So, If you wish to discuss Beyond the Mask or clarification around what your needs are, then book a complimentary Discovery Call where Nigel can explore your aspirations and get you to where you want to be.