Let it go…..

It is one of life’s certainties that at one point or another we have all given and been given advice along the lines of ‘let it go and get on with life” particularly when something that is been experienced is having a negative impact. I also have very little doubt that we have all said it to ourselves on many many occasions too.

I work with people who are serious about who they are, how they live their lives and what they want to achieve. Of course with anything that you want to change has its advantages and disadvantages depending in which mind-set you are in. Either way there are a number of certainties of what needs to happen to make sure you get to where it is you want to be. The highest priority within these certainties sits within how you approach the need for change. You have to think differently, speak differently and change the way you do certain things if you want to these changes to be positive and sustainable.

For most people changing how they think or how they talk or how they do things is really difficult initially and even having the thoughts about been different to how they life their life can be quite distressing and uncomfortable. For some people they get so uncomfortable that they don’t even have a conversation with anyone about it…. Except for themselves of course.

‘Letting Go of Letting Go’ is a stage of change that is filled with relief, intrigue and excitement. This is something that people going through Beyond the Mask deal with very early doors. When exploring some of the things that people are looking to ‘Change’ in their lives, it transpires that there are a number of things that can be changed permanently by just changing the way they think. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is as simple as this for everything but it does give the opportunity to experience the positive impacts that are achieved when you begin to make informed decisions around the way you manage your life. For a lot of people they just remain in the stage of trying to ‘let go’ of issues and never really get past that stage. They remain in the same mind-set of ‘letting go’

How to be the best You can be….

If you are searching for a way to be the best you can be and achieve it, you have to manage the way you live your life. Informed decisions are made from a level of clarity that is best suited to the lifestyle you require and the person you really are. The way you think and the way you feel have a direct impact on the actions you take. when both your thoughts and emotions are both positively associated with your desired outcomes, your actions are highly charged for a positive change ;

Thoughts and Emotions dictate our Actions……

What is left behind

The moment you let go of letting go and focus on the road ahead and not the one behind, what is left behind is nothing more than the good stuff. The stuff that really drives us forward in the right direction. The way you feel is different…. no more wasted time on thinking ‘how life would be better if….’ A sense of relief and excitement takes over with full control of the direction you are going….

So are you ready to ‘let go of letting go’ ?

If you are ready to take life to the next chapter and define who you are and how you feel by doing the things you really want to do then get in touch for your free discovery call and allow me some of your time to discuss how Beyond the Mask can take you there.