In 2016 the tenth most ‘How To’ asked question that what typed into google was ‘How to accept myself for who I am’ which confirms what I have been hearing more and more for quite some time now. People in their early years of life and right through to adults in their later years and every age in between, who all for various reasons get to that point in their lives when they need to know:

Who Am I really?

There has been a rapid incline in the acceptance that taking a little time out from our busy lives to explore the answers to this question is of paramount importance to not just finding the correct answer but just as importantly finding that consistent level of happiness you are looking for. The old ways of thinking are becoming replaced with informed, positive thinking and this combined with a real understanding of ‘Who You Really Are’ and what it is you really want to do, ensure more and more people find their answer to the question ‘How do I accept myself for who I am’ as well as many answers to other questions they have been asking themselves.

There are a number of reasons why we have been seeing this increase of people investing their time, money and effort into ensuring their happiness is identified and achieved. It is for certain that one reason for a lot people is they have had to live with tightened financial belts since the global financial crises began in and around 2007. Over the last few years we have begun to see a light at the end of the tunnel and for a lot of people, this brings a sense of relieve which also allows time to relax a little and reflect on their journey and project forward on the next chapter in their lives.

For a lot of people who get to that point of asking themselves this question around ‘acceptance’ and then embarked on a process of trying to find the answer, fall at the first hurdle after been bombarded with the amount and diverse range of programmes, support packages, events, and people to eagerly offer the easy path to success. With approximately 2,980,000 results flooding your screen in 0.91 seconds, your journey begins trudging your way through the results. It really is like going in to a sweet shop as a child just after getting your pocket money, there is just way too much choice and often you find yourself with a paper bag filled with sweets that you would just love to change for something else, begrudgingly they get eaten and life’s lessons begin to impact, stick to what you know and do what you know.

One of the big commonalities that people who embark on the Beyond the Mask process share and explain is that for some amount of time they have been surviving, getting by or just waiting for something to fall into place or something to happen. Don’t misunderstand this as they are saying they have been unhappy, sad or even depressed, although for some they do end up feeling unhappy, sad and even depressed. For most people life has its ups and downs and generally we take these ups and downs in their stride and deal with such circumstances as and when they appear. There is a huge difference between life’s ups and downs and the global financial restrictions that a lot of people have felt on a consistent basis for a number of years and the ways people manage their lives change dramatically too in such circumstances. Within ‘Survival-Mode’ our attention and focus is largely directed to our external world and our internal world is all too often ignored. Thoughts about Who I am or What I want are sadly amongst a number of other thoughts and emotions about ‘ourselves’ that are promptly relegated to the back burner, simmering away awaiting the time to arrive that allows enough space to ask the question and enough time to explore the possible answers.

So how do we accept ourselves for who we really are?

When I typed the question ‘how to accept myself for who I am into Google I got 2,980,000 answers… wow. I suppose it is fair to say that when we are trying to explore ourselves a little better and understand why we are doing what we are doing and more importantly not doing what we want to do and have little or no idea where to start, 2,980,000 possible answers can be quite overwhelming to the point of giving up even before you have started. Beyond the Mask takes the approach that all of our actions are dictated by the way we think and feel and considering our actions also dictate our happiness, this is the starting point for everyone who is trying to answer their question of acceptance.

Asking the question ‘who am I’ comes many times in life irrespective of age, gender, level of success, level of failure, good actions, bad actions and amongst a number of first steps that need to be taken, one is to recall what was the process of answering this question that was used before and what was the results. There are always some amazing life lessons hidden even in our biggest failures, we just need to take a fresh look. Another step to be taken is choosing the right process for you. You have to be honest with yourself what type of thing that will work for you and what kind of person you want to work with. I think the biggest step to take in these few initial steps is within the question, acceptance; Acceptance that enough is enough, this is your time to really find the answers to your question…. Who am I really ?

When ‘Enough is Enough’

This step really isn’t that easy to take unless you are ready !!! I don’t say that lightly or from a deeper sense of self but from a very practical and realistic position. I think we all know that the fundamental reason for a number of things that haven’t worked out in our past can come down to us not making the right decision and if you are ready and you are been honest, I’m sure you will also begin to see how there is a pattern of how you make the final decisions in your past. Again I have to say that this does not suggest that people on mass have been living unhappy and presenting themselves falsely at all. The fact of the matter is that this question of who I really am is burning a hole in the heart and minds of people from every walk of life and on mass, people from all walks of life are finding themselves NOT doing the things that they really don’t want to do and in contrast find themselves DOING the things they have been wanting to do and be the person they really are.

Living life accepting ‘Who You Really Are’ and taking a little time to make informed decisions that reflect who you are and these decisions match up to your personal Blueprint, ensures not only to live life authentically happy but to also find your highest level of ‘Natural Success’ possible, whatever that is.



If you are asking how to accept myself for who I am?