Callum Turnham goes Beyond the Mask

‘Stop thinking what to say and start saying what you think’

‘Stop thinking what to say and start saying what you think’ is one skill that Callum Burnham, a 16 year old from Northamptonshire, UK has learned whilst he went through Beyond the Mask and has taken the world by storm. From not wanting to be in this world to wanting to inspire the whole world is an incredible leap within just three months, but that’s what has happened. Within a matter of only a few days from the launch of his first poem ‘Finding His Identity’ gaining 18000 views and receiving an incredible response from people all over the world is amazing.

Callum was referred to Beyond the Mask by his specialist Learning Support Assistant who along with Callum’s parents who were concerned with the level of negative thoughts he was having and the things he was saying. The first few sessions were really difficult for Callum as he explained how he got to the point of not wanting to live, all he could imagine for his future was bleakness. Although there were a number of points we had to discuss throughout his sessions, the one thing that always struck me was how much he wanted to say but didn’t.

Beyond the Mask uses a number of different ways to enable people to self-express and the format of “Spoken Word” just seemed to be the most appropriate way of giving Callum the platform to say what he was feeling. Callum took to it like a fish to water. Within a few weeks he had managed to bring to his session his finished poem and read it out to me. I have to say at this point I was completely blown away by the way he delivered it, a very special moment that I won’t forget easily.

Working with Callum has been an emotional roller coaster ride of ups and downs for Callum as well everyone involved, his family, his friends, his school and myself too and watching him grow into the person he is today is incredibly motivating for all.

Speaking to him between been filmed by ITV and BBC news, Callum was full to bursting with excitement and still a little overwhelmed. ‘It’s really happening’ he said with a deep sense of pride. He took to the process of being interviewed in his normal way of dealing with life which is his humour. He really is a funny guy and puts everyone around him at ease and it was great to take a step back and watch him be just who he is, passionate, funny and inspirational.

Callum is wanting to continue to inspire others and planning has already began to get his other poems ready to share, and I have to say they are just as thought provoking. His future is bright and most importantly, he can see many opportunities for him to explore as he continues living life to the ultimate max. He is in control of what he wants to do and is excited with the prospect of chasing his desire to make a difference and from the response he has received already, what an impact this incredible guy is going to have.

Beyond the Mask has given me a future, I was feeling like I didn’t have one at all, but now that’s all changed after working with Nigel Booth – Thanks for everything Nigel.



Seeing callum in the beginning when he had hit rock bottom was heartbreaking for me, watching the smile disappear from his once happy beaming face rang alarm bells and I knew I had to get help. I turned to James Baron who is Callum’s one to one at school and explained that the situation was at a point that Callum doesn’t feel life is worth it anymore, James explained that he knew the perfect person to sort this out – Mr Nigel Booth.

When Callum started the sessions with Nigel I was always kept in the loop of what would happen through the process and was often invited for chats to make sure everything was going the right way for Callum. The first moment I heard my son let go of his fears through poetry I was reduced to tears, I finally knew what it was that had eaten up the joy inside of him. Nigel continued to work with Callum and each day i saw a massive change in his attitude, body language and the smile behind his eyes, my boy was back and it was only possible through Nigel being dedicated to his work and his ‘Beyond the Mask’.


Discovering Callum was going through a hard time caused me very much upset and concern. He had tried to get through things on his own but it took over his life and he was exhausted with trying to fight. It was decided help was needed and fast which thankfully was found with Mr Baron; Callum’s school support assistant. I was overjoyed with the concept of Callum not only getting help but finding a love of poetry to get his feelings out. Callum said it just felt right to use the spoken word Nigel Booth had suggested and I couldn’t agree more, when i heard the poem I listened to it more than 20 times and cried everytime, the words were strong and meaningful to callum and it was so emotional for me to know he was hurting inside.

Nigel and Behind the Mask has changed life so much for my lovely son and I am honestly a massive fan of this work and this amazing guy that came into our lives, I feel a real sense of honour to have met Nigel and cannot thank him enough for his strength to lift up my son,s dark cloud and let the sun shine again.


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