30 years helping people – a process of change

Hi and welcome to Blogs from Beyond. My name is Nigel Booth and I developed a ‘process of change’ that is called Beyond the Mask (BTM). I have had some amazing experiences and met some of the most incredible people you could ever wish to meet throughout this time, which you will read about in the Blogs from Beyond. I’ve also had the pleasure and honour of working with some of the most challenging individuals going through many different types of  ‘change’ too . From high level thinkers and business leader’s right through to high level offenders and those most vulnerable in life; the impact on those who have gone through the process is incredible.

So why blogs from beyond ?

Things have changed over the last 30 years whilst I have been delivering BTM. The way I deliver the programme, technology, the general awareness and opportunities for people to ‘change’ has risen massively, the way things are marketed is completely different, my knowledge and my understanding of ‘the change process’ has increased massively too. I could go on but I’m assuming you get the idea…. Things change all the time…. and the biggest change of all for me is I just got married and what an impact that has had….

Another change that occurred for me was about 7 years ago and unfortunately it had quite the opposite impact on me. I had yet another accident, this time it was falling off a ladder when it broke and not off a motor bike. The result however was very similar, I found myself in yet another hospital bed and yet again unable to walk. Discussions with the surgeon began around the removal of the metal construction that was inserted around the base of my spine in the early 80’s, it appeared the fall had compressed the metal against the nerves that sent messages to my legs and this was having a devastating impact. The thought of going through surgery again sent a cold chill down my spine if you will excuse the pun, I really wasn’t looking forward to it. It took me back to the time about a week after the original surgery. I was taking my first steps I had taken for many years unaided and what an amazing feeling it was to walk again, that’s what I focused on.

Determined to get back on my feet once again I began my rehabilitation and over the next few months the progress was slow to say the least. It appeared that everything I had worked hard to have around me materialistically , was beginning to slip away me. With no options but to just lie there and allow things to happen ‘as they would’ and focus completely on been ‘able to walk’ unaided again…. the next chapter began.

One of the first promises I made to myself was never to be unhappy ever again and just be who I was….

I want to share with other people what worked for me and what works with all the people who choose to deal positively with the challenges they face and the changes they want in their lives.  Beyond the Mask works so I need to share it.

Sharing the really good stuff

I have such a passion for what I’m doing and a desire to share what impact Beyond the Mask has on people, we all deserve to find happiness in everything we do. I have been supporting people for a long time in a number of different formats and in numerous industries as well as one to ones. I keep getting asked what is it like to go through BTM and what do people say about their experiences. As part of Blogs From Beyond, I will be also having guest blogs from people who have completed BTM as well as people who are going through the process.

 Nigel is the guy I go to when I want to explore what it’s like to be truly me. There is no point in trying to be a “better version” of someone you are not .Andy Ferguson. Linlithgow, Scotland

Since I’ve been working with Nigel I have changed my whole life perspectives. Steven Palmer. St Gallen, Switzerland  

I hope you enjoy reading and get inspired to take the next step for you

Stay focused