If your business couldn’t fail, what would you set out to do?

Beyond the Mask is utilised by organisations and business teams that are going through some type of change and determined to get it right first time.

Changes within ‘Business’ will always present themselves whether planned or not, bringing with it a level of uncertainty. If not handled correctly, these uncertainties can have adverse effects which and begin the breakdown of any team.

If your business couldn’t fail, what would you set out to do?

Beyond the Mask unlocks the full potential of any business in any sector, in any market. There’s no reflecting on the past, no intellectualising and no jargon. It’s a grounded, practical approach that’s exceptionally powerful and will create a deep, lasting shift in your team’s outlook and behaviour.

Increasing your potential through this powerful programme, you and your team will learn a process that will accelerate your performance. You will learn how to support each other and empowering your team to identify goals, set targets and increase your overall potential. You will learn how to eradicate self-limiting beliefs and remove any barriers to personal and professional development.

Boosting motivation, Beyond the Mask will quickly identify the hidden potential within your organisation and team, enhance personal self-esteem and boost the team’s overall motivation to perform to its highest level.

Lasting change, You may have come across countless business change programmes, Beyond the Mask is different. It’s down-to-earth, straightforward and will give you and your team a permanent, business-changing effect, rather than a short-lived afterglow.

The Programme, The Programme comprises of 6 interrelated modules which are delivered through a structured programme and can be delivered as a motivational one-day breakthrough event (fast tracking) or through a series of six events (embedding). It is designed to meet both individual and team needs to realise their full potential.

Being successful on the day requires

Our team will;

  • Discuss your requirements
  • Liaise with your organisation on the arrangements for the day
  • Provide personalised feedback afterwards

Are you ready … to go Beyond the Mask?

What  people say about Beyond the Mask.

We were very fortunate today to have Nigel spend a few hours with our team at MediaHeads and to sum it all up into one word…


What a fantastic experience, we learnt more in those few hours today than we have learn’t in the life of the business. I am really looking forward to our next session with BTM. A sincere thanks to both Nigel and Julian from Beyond the Mask

Quinton Watton Smith

Director, MediaHeads

Opportunities are available to embark on this programme at our premises ‘The Blueprint Rooms” which is located in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire or the BTM programme can be delivered on your premises or at a nearby venue.

When enough is enough…





The way you manage your life is really important and Nigel is working on a one to one basis with clients who are looking to find that consistent state of happiness.

Nigel has helped thousands of people to go Beyond the Mask and use what they already have to create a perfect life.

So, If you wish to discuss Beyond the Mask or clarification around what your needs are, then book a complimentary Discovery Call where Nigel can explore your aspirations and get you to where you want to be.